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A Gender Denied: Islam, Sex and the Struggle to Get Some

In this essay Salma El-Wardany takes one of the biggest taboo subjects in Islam, sex, and peels it apart to leave the conversation wide open. Lifting the silence around interactions between the genders she discusses the dangers and repercussions that come from refusing to talk about something we all do.

Poetry Anthology

A beautiful collection of poetry from one hundred different poets across the world. From love, to loss to loneliness, this collection tackles the difficult conversations and the hard to say things, to create a refreshing take on how we keep living, even when the living gets tough.

The buildings that made us; females & the fight to take up space

As she approached puberty and began to grow from girl to woman, Salma El-Wardany found that the mosque she previously ran through freely began to shrink around her. She tells a shocking story of the physical response to space being reclaimed.