What’s wrong with Mr Right?

What's wrong with Mr right.jpg

‘So is Mr Right on the scene yet?’

As a single woman it’s a question I get asked on a regular basis and apart from making me want to push whoevers asking it down the stairs, it mostly just makes me die a little bit inside.

Whoever said being in relationships was hard should try being single in London, it’s a minefield out there and every question is waiting to blow up in your face at any moment.

 I have no problem being single and I also have no problem with my life, so why does everyone assume that I’m waiting for someone to come and make everything ‘right’?

It’s not the question that irritates me so much, but more the denotation of the word ‘right’. Why are we applying such arbitrary terms to our lives that serve no purpose other than to make us feel bad?  

The implication remains that to make your life ‘right’, there has to be someone there to do it, because you probably weren’t capable of doing it on your own.

Not only that, but it’s an insurmountable amount of pressure to put on an individual. We all know relationships take hard work and no one is perfect so I very much doubt anyone is going to swoop in and be practically perfect in every way.

The realistic and more fitting question would probably go something like this – ‘Have you found anyone to share your life with and occasionally fight with as you become so frustrated with one another you just want to scream?’  

But that’s not romantic at all, so we’re left with Mr Right unfortunately.

 I’m in no way against finding someone to share your life with, I’ll wait as long as I have to for the right man.

But in the meantime, perhaps all the married and loved up couples will spare a thought for the singles out there before they ask another stupid question.


Salma El-Wardany