The Women of Twitter


·       you shouldn’t swear

·       don’t use the C-word

·       keep your legs crossed

·       you should never kiss and tell

·       lower your voice

·       don’t be so crude

The list goes on……

It’s the list of acceptable traits and behaviours women are supposed to adhere to, in order to be considered ‘good and beautiful women’. It’s chased us for generations and the very strongest enforces of the elusive list, have unfortunately been women themselves. For the longest time we’ve been our own worst enemy. Whispering and back biting, passing judgement on outfits, behaviours and just how many men we choose to take to our beds.

Before you start mounting your high horse in indignation, don’t! We’re all guilty of it. At some point the words ‘what on earth is she thinking’ has run through our minds. I’m one of feminisms biggest fans and I know I stand guilty. When I find my mind running along that particular trajectory, I mentally kick myself and remember that I don’t know a single thing about that woman, or why she’s choosing to do the things she’s doing. She has enough pressure from men and society and the last thing she needs is me adding to the cannon.

But between all the judgements and sly comments, there is a world being created in which women stand in all their glory, list abolished and lying in ruins at their feet. Twitter has created a space where women are crude, rude, swear like troopers, discuss sex openly and are beautiful. Most of all, and perhaps the very best thing about this world, they encourage each other fiercely, applaud one another loudly and always unconditionally cheer each other on, refusing to pass judgement, regardless of how many naked selfies have been taken.

There are women all over the world that I’m lucky enough to connect with and talk to every day. Their sheer refusal to play by the rules of the ‘acceptable woman list’ takes my breath away and it’s incredibly exciting to see women knit together so strongly, unfailingly accepting of every swear word, sexual reference and deviant fantasy. They fight like warriors to protect their own and are always there for the hiccups in life, the bad times, the good times and all the times we’re not supposed to talk about as ‘respectable women’.

What strikes me most about this world is the men of Twitter who glorify these women for being all the things that society has denied them. They stand in awe of the women talking about their latest sexual adventures and take the swearing and crude language as normal behaviour. I have never witnessed men so accepting of women until I discovered Twitter. We can talk about feminism and equal rights all day long, but nothing gives me more hope for a balanced world than walking through the doors of Twitter and reading the words of all the women around the world who just absolutely refuse to give a fuck.  

Salma El-Wardany